Musicians who have experienced the healing power of vascular arm massage now enjoy enhanced muscular function and freedom from pain. Percussionists, pianists, guitar players, violinists and musical conductors tell their stories.

Drums & Percussion Grammy Winner
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

"Man, I am walking," I say to myself as I leave David Hoff's office where he just did vascular massage on my arms and legs for an hour and 45 minutes. The work is fabulous. I've been playing music for 37 years, 34 of these years in The Allman Brothers Band–a rock, blues, jazz band. I describe what I do as playing double-handed tennis, a racquet in each hand, for 34 years. I highly recommend David's work.

Lory Wallfisch
Iva Dee Hiatt Professor Emerita of Music
Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts

 "As a concert pianist, I use–and sometimes abuse–my hands and arms beyond what one considers normal," says Lory Wallfisch,
Iva Dee Hiatt Professor Emerita of Music at Smith College. "Consequently the strain results in pain, threatening the very activity which I must exercise every day, a nearly desperate situation!"

She was in so much pain that she could barely practice the piano in order to prepare for frequent public performances. "I experienced such a "near-desperate" condition a few months ago when, luckily, an advertisement of vascular arm massage therapy by David Hoff fell into my hands," she recalls. "It gave me the confidence to continue, and, indeed, the progress became quite remarkable. After the fifth session, I was almost completely free of pain and was able to prepare normally for the concert tour which took me abroad for six weeks. The miraculous aspect was that the benefit of the treatment was felt even after I stopped it, so much so that I never had any discomfort whatsoever while away giving concerts."

"Having learned also how to avoid unnecessary stress, I consider myself at present completely 'healed' and I am able to pursue a regular piano practicing schedule. I am very grateful to David Hoff and I think that any musician (instrument player) would greatly benefit from his vascular arm massage therapy."

Ertan Sener
Conductor and Music Educator

"I have suffered with hand and arm pain and stiffness from the age of 15. I have been a percussionist since the age of 8, and when practicing became a very important role in life I developed pain in both arms. For the next few years I went from therapist to surgeon to massage therapists and I could not find the solution. During my studies at the Hartt School of Music I found my arm condition rapidly getting worse... I received the worst news of all from a Sports Medicine Specialist...stop playing in order for my arm to heal.
"Upon the first visit I was very happy with Mr. Hoff’s willingness to take the time to answer all my questions. He was concerned and the number one goal was to make it possible for me to perform again. It was only after a few visits that I noticed a great improvement with my arm. The constant pain had decreased greatly and I found that I could practice for a few hours each night without any discomfort. It has been four years since my first visit and my condition is under control. I visit Mr. Hoff once about every six or seven months to maintain and keep my arms in great condition.
Christina Stefanon

 "I wish to recommend Mr. David Hoff's vascular arm massages to all who suffer from acute or chronic pain in hands or arms, or to those who would like to prevent it, for example, musicians.
"Mr. Hoff's technique is very effective and very safe. It does not involve movements that could be harmful and it is based on the knowledge of the hand's and arm's inner structure.
"I am a classical pianist and I was suffering tendonitis in my right hand for a long time. Mr. Hoff was the only person that really helped me. I have seen many other doctors and therapists, and I tried everything from swallowing tablets to very expensive massages or strange chiropractic, and also homeopathy. All of those methods were either impractical, unhealthy, ineffective or unaffordable.
"Mr. Hoff's method is simple, practical and helpful. If he thinks that your problem has a different nature of what he can treat, he is going to tell it to the patient and advise him/her further."
"I am very thankful to Mr. Hoff and hope that he will be able to help many other people in my same situation. It is a great feeling to be able to practice and perform again without pain and also forgetting "to be careful."

David C. Block

 "I highly recommend David Hoff's Vascular Arm Massage therapy to any musician, and in particular, to pianists. I have been playing piano since I was 6 years old. Having been diagnosed with Repetitive Stress Injury in 1995 while working on my Masters in Piano Performance, I tried almost every kind of therapy, including Occupational Therapy, Hydrotherapy, Rolfing, Acupuncture and Massage Therapy, among others. Although all these treatments helped to an extent, I was able to get remarkable results with Mr. Hoff's technique.... I cannot stress enough the importance of taking care of any kind of musculoskeletal issues right at the onset of the problem. Vascular Arm Massage can also be very beneficial as a preventive therapy.... Every musician should be familiar with this technique."

Kate Callahan

 "I remember my initial phone call to David Hoff. My arm had been in pain for ten months and I had reached my threshold. I was abrupt on the phone, clearly just wanting to know if my symptoms could be helped. David scheduled a visit for that day. What followed was a thorough course of treatments which have improved the inflammation in my arm to such a degree that now, rather than focusing on the frustrations of consistent pain, I am once again happily absorbed in guitar playing and song writing."