Barbara Boisclair
Legal Secretary

"I've been employed as a legal secretary for almost 20 years. For several years now I have been having pain in my left hand and arm. On some occasions I was unable to pick up files or heavy objects and even had difficulty opening jars and lids. At the onset of the pain I basically ignored it but sometimes I would wake up in the morning and be unable to move my thumb without pain.

"I have been seen by Mr. Hoff on several occasions where he performed the Hoff Vascular Arm Massage on my left hand and arm. I immediately noticed a significant improvement in the motion range of my left hand. I was last seen about a month ago and have had no problems since. I plan to continue to see Mr. Hoff several more times throughout this year to be sure the pain does not return.

I would highly recommend this technique to anyone with similar problems as an alternative to surgery."

Jane Bradley
Medical Writer

"A few years ago, I fell down the stairs, shattering a knuckle in my left hand. I had surgery to pin the fracture, but the pins migrated into my palm, necessitating another surgery. To remove the pins, surgeons made an incision in my palm as well as a long slice along the side of my hand. I subsequently developed a severe bacterial infection that took months to heal.

"Next came a long process of physical therapy, though my hand remained aching and taut. Painful areas formed where scar tissue adhered to the bone. I also had numbness and tingling along the side of my hand. I spend a lot of time at the computer keyboard typing, which sometimes caused swelling and soreness reaching from my little finger to the elbow.

"The scarred area had been intermittently painful for more than seven years when I began seeing David Hoff for vascular arm massage. After only a couple of sessions, I began to notice that my fine motor skills had improved significantly. Before vascular arm massage, I had trouble picking up coins with my left hand or buttoning my clothes, but now I can pick up things much more easily. No longer do I wake up in the middle of the night, my hand numb and tingling. With subsequent treatments, the painful aching and sharp, shooting pangs have improved significantly."

Candace Buswell
Legal Secretary

"I was injured in a fall the day after New Year’s Day. I had tremendous pain in my right arm and upper back for many weeks. At the end of January I had numbness and weakness in my right hand. I have been seeing a chiropractor and an orthopedic doctor. I started seeing David Hoff some time in March.

"Shortly after the first visit I noticed I did not have any numbness in my hand and it never recurred! I took off the splint my doctor gave me to wear and I am noticing more strength and less pain in my arm and hand....

"...It is now September and I have no tingling and no numbness. My orthopedic doctor said that I don't even have to have surgery! I would recommend him to anyone who has trouble with carpal tunnel syndrome or anyone with back problems."

Patty Carnright
Dental Hygienist

"I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome. I had Vascular Arm Massage and after two months my symptoms were gone. Due to my profession, the problem reoccurred after two years, but new visits for Vascular Arm Massage have kept the condition in check."

Tammy M. Linteau
Legal Assistant

"In 1994 I was diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. After many painful months of tests, I was told that I would need to have surgery on both hands in order to relieve any of the pain. The surgeon prescribed the surgery, but would not guarantee that the surgery would be beneficial. I opted not to have the surgery.

"I had been living with crippling pain in my hands for almost two years. The pain had been so bad at times that I was not even able to open my daughter's baby food jar or shake a person's hand.

"I met David Hoff through my employer, and he began to perform vascular arm massage on my arms and hands, specifically concentrating on my Carpal Tunnel pain. After four visits, I feel like a new person. I have no pain in either hand. I noticed an improvement immediately after my first session with David, and after four sessions, I am free from pain and can live a normal life.

"I cannot thank David Hoff enough.... I would highly recommend his services to anyone in pain or thinking about surgery. Vascular arm massage does not take a lot of time or money, and the results are tremendous."

Zita Christian
Author, Harper Books

"There was a time, not that long ago, when having to sit at the computer for twelve hours a day was literally painful. My wrists hurt. My hands hurt. My fingers hurt. This letter is just to let you know how much your vascular arm massage therapy has helped. I must admit that in the beginning, I was skeptical. Could treatment that is non-invasive, not incapacitating, and not cost-prohibitive also be effective? Now I know the answer is yes.

"My deadline is fast approaching, but now the question of whether or not I'll be productive at the computer has nothing to do with my hands."

Betty-Lou Mitchell
Legal Secretary

"I was diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome about three years ago.... I had David work on my arms for about four months. In that time I could feel the difference. I did not have any pain and my hands did not swell as much. It has been about three years now and I have David work on my hands every few months."