The Vascular Arm Massage workshop is tailored to your individual needs, resulting in a learning experience that is highly beneficial and profitable for rehab centers, orthopedic surgeons, hospital occupational therapy units, massage therapy schools, and massage therapy practices.

Procedures and techniques taught in the workshop include palpation of the area of abnormality and strokes needed for corrective action, including pressure gradations for continuous improvement and appropriate duration of the vascular arm massage. Each therapist will learn to evaluate the client to detect the affected regions needing attention.

Painstaking examination methods are used to determine the target areas in each patient. A baseline pain index concept is integral to this process from beginning to end. The workshop teaches appropriate intervention techniques for promoting healing of painful areas.

The workshop involves demonstration of the Vascular Arm Massage protocol, along with demonstration of hands-on experience with other participants under the supervision of the instructor.

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